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Types of Membership:

Active Members
Shall be owners, co owners or helmsmen who have paid IJ22CA dues and are members of the U.S. Sailing Association and the USJ22CA.

Associate Members
Shall be individuals who are not J/22 owners and wish to receive all publications of the Class. They may not vote, hold office or helm a J/22 in sanctioned races.

Student Members
Shall be full time high school or collegiate sailors who upon presenting proof of student status may receive student membership, which includes helm privileges and publications but does not include voting privileges.

Institutional Membership
Membership status will be awarded to all boats, not individuals, belonging to colleges, universities and sailing schools upon application and contingent upon having paid sail royalty fees. This category includes all periodicals but does not include voting privileges.

Sponsoring Members
Shall be those individuals, companies and corporations who provide products and/or services to the USJ22CA or its members. Sponsoring members may not vote nor are they eligible to hold office. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to grant this category of membership.