By Alan Kirkpatrick

Worlds Measurement
By Will Harris

Travel Regatta Prep
By Vic Snyder

Spreader Fix

Keel Fixes
By Will Harris

Keel Measurement
By Will Harris

Heavy Air Sailing
By Terry Flynn

On Being A Better Sailer Part 2
By Chris Doyle

On Being A Better Sailer Part 1
By Chris Doyle

By Joe Gibbs

Faster Sets and Douses
By Greg Fisher, North Sails One Design

In, Through, and Out of the Puffs
By Greg Fisher, North Sails One Design

Stick to Your Principles
By Michael Hobson

Running Rigging 101
By David Van Cleef

J/22 Light Air Yachtin’
By Brad Read

Tactics and Strategy
By Scott Nixon

Middle Man Maneuvers
By Terry Flynn

ISAF Issues Rule 42 Interpretations

High Point Scoring

Thoughts on Tuning – Lose that Tension Gauge!
By Greg Fisher, North Sails One Design, #751

Some Thoughts on Sailing Light
By Steve Ulian (1993 Yearbook)

Regatta Racing Tips
By Ray Wulff

Shifting Gears Without a Clutch
By Jim Brady (1992 Yearbook)

The Start – It is Great to be #1, but Consistency is the Key
By Greg Fisher, Racers’ Edge

Travel Tips
By Chris Doyle

The Dividends of a Conservative Policy
By Chris Larson

The One-Design Tactician 
by Scott Nixon – Quantum Sail Design Group

In, Through and Out of Puffs
by Greg Fisher, Sailing World Magazine