1604 Ventana Dr.
Ruskin, FL 33573
Telephone: 440-796-3100

US Class Officers
Class President Jennifer Princing
Hemlock, MI
Chief Executive of the Class Association and presides at all meetings. Appoints special committees and authorize class payments
1st Vice President Jeff Todd
Annapolis, MD
Manages District Governors and sailing events and coordinates the results
2nd Vice President Holly Jo Anderson
Bloomington, MN
Coordinates financial sponsorship and advertising
Secretary / Treasurer Jeff Progelhof
Heath, TX
Keep minutes of meetings and collect annual dues
Chief Measurer / U.S. Technical Committee Chair Chris Wientjes
Metairie, LA
Supervise measurement procedures and keep measurement records. Issue Measurement Certificates

Appoints 2 members (in good standing) to form the committee. Interpret Class Rule. Report and propose changes to IJ22CA Technical Committee

Executive Secretary Christopher Howell
Ruskin, FL
Handles correspondence, records of info regarding fleets, membership, yachts and sail number. Handle class funds and generally ensure well being of the class office
Nomination Committee Chairman Boo Heausler
New Orleans, LA
Solicit candidates of the US J22 Class Association