International J/22 Class Rule Excerpt:

2.9 MEASUREMENT – “A yacht shall only be measured by a measurer recognized by his National Sailing Authority and the International J/22 Class Association. A yacht shall not be recognized as a J/22 until its official measurement certificate is registered with the IJ22CA”

To Obtain a Measurement Certificate

Download a measurement certificate
(updated September 2018)

New Boat – It comes with the Measurement Certificate partially completed by Builder.

Used Boat – Change of ownership invalidates the Measurement Certificate and the new owner should in his/her interest advise his/her Class Office. A measurer in your district will contact you. If the previous owner has a valid Measurement Certificate, and you have not make ANY alteration to your J/22, submit to the measurer the information required in Part A of the Measurement Certificate together with the previous owner’s Certificate. Otherwise, make arrangement with your Measurer to have your J/22 re-measured.

Questions about Class Rule? Propose a Rule Change?

Please direct any questions regarding class rule to the USA J/22 Technical Committee Chairman.

The process of changing a rule mandated by our Constitution is intentionally quite lengthy. Requests are vetted to a NJCA’s Class Measurer or the Technical Committee Chairman, then to their Executive Committee before being forwarded to the International Technical Committee (ITC). The ITC reviews the proposed change and submits it along with their recommendation to the World Council. If the Council adopts a rule change it must then be submitted to ISAF for review by their Technical Committee, acceptance by their Keelboat Committee and finally by their Council. Any changes approved by ISAF then become effective March 1 of the following year.

Our constitution states that “Except in case of emergency, Class Rules changes shall occur every two years”.

Class Scale

Our Class presently owns 2 scales. One has been refurbished and the display is LED. We bought another Scale with a LCD display in 2001. Our Chief Measurer Tom Linville keeps track of the two Class Scale. Should any measurer need to use the Scales, please coordinate with Tom. Our rule is COD. Receiver pays the shipping. The SW District owns one addition Scale which they bought earlier in 2001 also.

Class Rules Frequently Asked Questions

Class Rules FAQ (PDF)