J/22 Scholarship Boat Program 

Are you a college student, or a recent graduate, who loves to sail but just doesn’t have the financial resources to purchase a keelboat of your own? If so, the J/22 Scholarship Boat Program may be the perfect opportunity for you!

The J/22 Class Association is collaborating with the Buffalo Yacht Club and North Sails to provide one scholarship recipient with a fully outfitted J/22 sailboat, trailer and brand new North Sails for the 2019 season. The boat will be yours for the entire season! All you need to do is race it competitively (in as many events as you are able) and provide the boat with some TLC.

We are hopeful this program will inspire competitive sailors to race the J/22 and see why it has become one of the world’s most loved keelboats.

How Do I Apply? If you are between the ages of 19-29 and can pull together a racing team, all you need to do is submit an application to the J/22 Class Office by Friday, March 15, 2019. See the details below and get the process started.

Intro and Purpose: We understand that money is tight for college aged individuals and recent graduates, but that should not stop you from doing what you love–SAILING! The J/22 Class Association is proud of its Youth Boat Scholarship Program, which will award one qualifying youth team a fully outfitted J/22 (with trailer) for one season of racing. This program is designed to promote the sport of sailing and everything the J/22 has to offer.

Who Should Apply: Young adult sailors (ages 19-29) with a desire to competitively race the J/22.

How to Apply:

  1. You must submit a letter of application, containing the information requested below, to the J/22 Class Office. Please email your completed application to howell@j22.com and/or Stuhlmiller@yahoo.com . Alternatively, you may ‘snail’ mail your application letter to: J/22 Class Association, 1604 Ventana Drive, Ruskin, FL  33573.
  2. Your letter of application must include:
    1. Your sailing resume (formal training, major events, experience working on boats…).
    2. Information about your teammates and their sailing resumes.
    3. Letters of recommendation and contact information from three sailing references. They can be a current or former coach, a competitor, a member of your yacht club, or any other sailing reference who knows you well. No recommendations from relatives, please.
    4. A schedule, and detailed budget, for your proposed campaign events if awarded the boat.
    5. A personal letter outlining what the scholarship would mean to you and why you are the best candidate. Be sure to address all of the selection criteria.

How each application will be evaluated (out of a total of 100 points): 

  • 25 points: Strength of resume for applicant and projected teammates.
  • 25 points: Two to three recommendations from sailors, coaches, or other pertinent people knowledgeable of applicant and team. No recommendations from relatives will be considered.
  • 15 points: Respect for boat and equipment. Describe experience with boat maintenance, how boat will be taken care of and stored.
  • 5 Points: Proximity to an existing J/22 Fleet.
  • 30 points: Plan for use of boat, including projected regatta schedule. Provide a narrative describing details of your proposed use for the 2019 season (i.e. who, what, where, when, and how). Please detail your budget, your transportation resources and your ability to obtain necessary financing or sponsorship for budgeted campaign costs (i.e. insurance, registration, travel, room & board, boat maintenance, etc..).

Any questions concerning this process? Contact Mark Stuhlmiller at Stuhlmiller@yahoo.com or via telephone at 716-725-4664.